Boycott Outdoor Adventures Whistler

In the Huffington Post, “The heinous slaughter of 100 dogs in British Columbia has revealed a “dirty secret” of the dog sled industry, according to CKNW.

Following the 2010 Olympic Games, there was a slump in business at Outdoor Adventures Whistler. CBC News reports that an employee was ordered to kill 100 dogs from a pack of 300. The dogs were…”

This is a disturbing story in the news. If you do read the entire article, be warned, certain parts of it are graphic. I almost didn’t post this, as it’s just so sad. There is nothing that can undo what is done, but, at least I wanted to post about the company that did this. At least, in this way, dog lovers can make a more educated choice in deciding who to do business with. This took place in British Columbia, and “the dogs were owned by Howling Dog Tours, which is now owned and operated by Outdoor Adventures of Whistler.” The Star has another detailed article, and CBC news as well, to help you understand how this all came about. Ironically, they did this because business was slow, but I can only imagine what business will be like for them now. It’s a horrible, gruesome event that happened, really there’s no “bright side” to it, other than the public outrage has been so strong. This article on the Pique News Magazine, indicates they believe the public reaction is important, as it will help to weed out sled dog companies that would do something like this.

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Boycotting Outdoor Adventures in BC, Whistler