Get a Free Sample of Nutrish Dog Food

Get a Free Sample of Nutrish Dog Food. I’ve added this freebie to our Free Dog Food Samples and Coupons page (linked to from the top of this page). This dog food didn’t agree with me. Hopefully, your experience will differ. I requested a sample, but didn’t like it. I tried a bit, but it actually made me vomit. The cats, always trying to steal my food — they didn’t want it either! However, if you check the ingredients list, Nutrish dog food doesn’t look all that bad. The first ingredient is meat, with no artificial flavors or artificial preservatives.

By sampling different dog foods, I’ve learned that I’m sensitive to ones with corn ingredients. Nutrish dog food has corn meal and corn gluten meal. That’s probably what happened. My steady favorites for commercially made, are Halo, Organix, and Wellness, none of which contain corn ingredients. Lately, I’ve been wanting to try the Honest Kitchen grain free dog food as well. Regardless, if your dog doesn’t suffer the same sensitivity,¬†you can try Nutrish¬†yourself for free.