Free Dog Treats – Pegetables Chew Treats

I’ve just added a new freebie. You can try a free sample of Pegetables Chew Treats. According to Pegetables, these are “nutritious dog treats made from low-fat natural vegetable ingredients including carrots, celery and corn.”

Here’s my take…

After reading the nutritious claim, I read over the ingredients. While I’ve seen worse, I’m not sure if “nutritious” is the word that would come to mind. On the other hand, they are dog treats. Therefore, they don’t necessarily have to be that healthy. After all, they’re just a small part of your dogs daily diet.

If your dog likes chew treats, Pegetables may mix it up a bit. They’re kind of a unique, and right now they’re giving out free samples. Check them out on the top of this page, by following the Free Dog Food Samples and Coupons link.