Pit Bulls; Bad Dogs, or Bad Owners?

Pit bulls are in the news quite often, but unfortunately, the media doesn’t usually portray the breed in a positive way. Articles, the news, and online blogs talk about people that have been injured by pit bull attacks. Apartments and certain neighborhoods specify that they allow smaller breed dogs, but not “aggressive” breeds, like pit bulls. So, are pit bulls really as aggressive as people make them out to be?

Well, if this tells you anything, I’m typing this with my laptop sitting at an awkward angle, because my “vicious” 10-year-old pit bull is sprawled across my lap, and snoring in my ear. Like any other breed of dogs, pit bulls are only “bad dogs” or aggressive, when they have bad owners who force them to act this way! Pit bulls are actually very gentle, snuggly, and playful dogs. Although they do have strong, hard heads that might hurt when bumped into your knee or hip, that’s about the extent of the injuries pit bulls with a good owner will cause. Unfortunately, not many people see it this way. Pit bulls are one of the most common dogs to find in animal shelters, because people fear their aggression. However, just like with other dog breeds, a good, patient owner will result in a well-behaved and gentle dog!

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