Three Less Popular Small Dogs That Stay Small Overtime

Puppies are always cute and joyful, so everyone loves them. But when about to get one, how do you know that it will always remain small? Perhaps you live in an apartment or you do not have the time and resources for a large dog. Therefore, a little education is mandatory in the process. When it comes to small dogs, everyone thinks about poodles, bichons or small terriers. However, I have realized that there are numerous less known breeds that might look even better, depending on your preferences.

A Papillon dog’s face will always make your day, no matter how sad, upset or angry you are. These dogs simply have an aura of happiness around them. They are so small that they are perfect for apartments or small condos. With all these, they obviously do require a lot of physical activity. Since they are so small, you can always take them with you when you walk around.

On a different note, the Papillon breed is affectionate and devoted, but also very attentive to your commands. It is smart and easy to train, hence the popularity of this breed in dog competitions.

Miniature Pinscher
The miniature pinscher is often taken for a miniature doberman, although it is not. It comes in three colors only – black, red and chocolate. The breed is quite small, but very brave as well. Surprisingly, it will never hesitate to follow an intruder and attack them. The dog makes an excellent companion for your workout sessions. Whether you like hanging around in a park, walking a lot or jogging, this dog will never hesitate to workout along. It is active and always up for some adventures.

Toy Manchester Terrier
The toy Manchester terrier is identical to the original Manchester variety, only it is a lot smaller and its ears cannot be cropped. It is often confused with the miniature pinscher too, although their colors are different. The dog is very friendly and accepts kids immediately. It likes hanging around with you and will never refuse a walk outdoors. It is very important to know that it is fragile. Never attach a leash on the collar because you risk damaging its trachea or other neck organs. Instead, get a body harness. The collar should only be used for a tag. I have actually read a lot of sad stories regarding such accidents.

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