Less Popular, Yet Very Charming Small Toy Dog Breeds

Small toy dog breeds represent a main priority for a lot of people because they are easy to take care of and they do not cause too many problems. Besides, they always stay small, so they will never lose their cute appearance. When it comes to this category of dogs, most people think about bichons. However, I have learned that there are many other possibilities out there.

English Toy Spaniel

I have owned an English Toy Spaniel as a kid and I must agree that they make perfect companions. They are very easy to handle because their grooming requirements are quite low. You do not need to spend a fortune on cosmetic procedures because their fur is their pride, so they will take care of it. However, you have to brush them on a regular owner. They are normally very quiet and calm, which means that they are appropriate for apartments. However, just like any other dog, the English Toy Spaniel does require some activity as well, so take it out as often as you can.

Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhounds are some of the cleanest dogs out there because their fur is very short. They are also odorless and make great options for people who are fanatic about cleanliness. Moreover, allergic individuals will also get along with this breed very easily. The Italian Greyhound is graceful and beautiful. It is refined and elegant, but also very quiet. Therefore, it will not be a nightmare for your neighbors either. It is muscular and active, so it requires daily activities too.

Chinese Crested

You will find it unusual at a first glance, but I have reached to the conclusion that the Chinese Crested breed is so ugly that it becomes extremely attractive. If you want attention and a dog that will die to make you happy, this is the right option for you. Constant attention and affection are its main priorities. It can be found in different colors, including lilac, pink or blue. As for the hair, you can find both hairless and powderpuff Chinese Crested dogs. The hairless ones do not shed at all and they are odorless.