Calm Small Dog Breeds That Will Never Become Annoying

Most dogs out there have both calm and agitated periods. With all these, some small dog breeds are naturally calmer than others. This was one of my main requirements when I first bought a dog. After all, everyone knows that small dogs are naturally loud and they have a high voice, so they can become annoying sometimes. But then, not all the breeds are alike. Please remember that no matter how calm a dog is, it still needs physical activities to stay healthy.

Cairn terriers are some of the calmest and most balanced dogs out there. They are also friendly with kids, so they make excellent pets for a family. Keep in mind that they have an elephant’s memory, so they will never forget something that has scared them in the past. They require patience if they have been through such happenings. If you get a pup, training is very important. Otherwise, you might end up with a stubborn pet.

On a different note, the poodle is just as calm, but also very intelligent. It thinks twice before barking. You can find poodles in more varieties, but the small size is the most common one. They were originally used with hunting purposes, so they still have some instincts. They like to outpoint birds and mark territories. The good news is that they are hypoallergenic because they have no undercoats. They are people oriented, so they love pleasing their masters. Plus, poodles are great watchdogs, so they can always notify you on the dangers or unexpected guests.

Finally, the English Toy Spaniel is not to be ignored either. I have seen many English Toy Spaniels before and they all look lazy and bored. Although they love activities, they will never go crazy around your home. They are also very quiet and they rarely bark. From this point of view, couch potatoes will love having them around. Other than that, the grooming requirements are not too high either. You can just brush the dog on a regular basis while watching a movie and it will be fine. I used to have a rubber glove with some soft pins for such activities.