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Smartest Small Dog Breeds – When Brain Power Overcomes Size

Small dog breeds come with a lot of benefits for their owners, hence their amazing popularity. Most of them are easy to groom and do not require too much time outdoors. They are smart, friendly with kids and other pets, but they can also turn a sad day into a very pleasant one. There are two major disadvantages they have from some points of view.

First, they are small and they cannot be too powerful for protection.
Second, they might make good alarms, but they cannot really guard your home.

Fortunately, they compensate through their smartness. So what are the smartest small dog breeds I have ever met?

The Papillon has been originally used for company. Today, its popularity is just as high. It loves cats and other pets, as well as kids. It is full of self esteem and will never hesitate to protect itself or your home if it feels any dangers. It is very alert, friendly and elegant. A Papillon will be by your side in your toughest moments and will always crave for your love. Therefore, it is not recommended for people who are away for most of the day. Other than that, these dogs are tiny and fragile in front of bad behaved kids. Besides, they are curious and willing to learn new things, so they are extremely easy to train without even using a professional trainer.

Just like the Papillon, the Pomeranian lacks in size and guarding abilities, but it excels in all the other main properties of a dog. The dog is very active and alert, so it is always looking for new opportunities to keep its brain busy. It loves learning tricks and commands, so it is highly recommended for competitions. Unlike other dogs, a Pomeranian seems to understand each of your words. I have seen trainers killing their nerves with other dogs, but never trying to hard with Pomeranians. Finally, keep in mind that they might bark with recreational purposes. Plus, they are not always aware of how small they are, so they might be fearless in front of anyone or anything. Keep an eye on them while interacting with other dogs.

Small Dog Breeds That Don’t Bark For No Reasons At All

The man’s best friend is lovely, trustworthy and faithful, but with so many breeds out there, it might be hard to decide on the right one for you. However, most people would get a dog with one main requirement in mind. The less it barks, the better it is. I have never seen a dog that never barks, although the behavior also depends on the education. However, I have found out some breeds that rarely make any sounds.


Basenji is often referred to be the dog that never barks. It is small, alert and active. Instead of barking, it makes some yodeling noises. It was originally used in Africa, but it has managed to get a lot of popularity on other continents too. It is short, long and has a curly tail. Unlike other dogs, it hates water. Plus, these dogs often suffer from loneliness. You need someone to be around on a 24/7 basis. It may also be a good idea to get two of them, only to ensure that they have enough company.

French Bulldog

The French bulldog has a serious and upset appearance, just like all the other bulldogs. It is a lot smaller than other varieties, but it compensates through the huge ears. It looks like a bat. It is also very entertaining, so it can play with you for hours. It comes up with all kinds of unusual tricks, such as jumping around or rolling. On the other hand, they are a little stubborn, so training them might be a little challenging. But the good news is that they never bark without a serious reason. Keep in mind that they are prone to getting fat, so keep them active.

Miniature Schnauzer

A miniature schnauzer is very sturdy, regardless of its height. I have had one as a kid and I must say that it almost never barked. With all these, it is a good watchdog that will always stay alert. However, it will never bark just because it can sense something. Instead, it must actually see or properly hear the intruder. These dogs are intelligent and possessive, so proper training is needed if you plan to have a baby too.

Celebrities with their Pooch Pals

It might surprise you which of your favorite celebrities are also dog lovers! Here is a compilation of some celebrities and their furry friends!

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Kaley Cuoco, star of the hit series “Big Bang Theory,” is a pit bull owner, and an advocate for the breed! Kaley has been outspoken both online and in person about her support for pit bulls. This is Kaley with one of her three adopted pit bulls!

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Actor Jake Gyllenhaal is the proud owner of a German shepherd, Atticus! Atticus is actually a senior dog, and has been a part of Jake’s family for years. German shepherds are known as loyal, energetic dogs who are widely used as guard dogs.

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Anne Hathaway is frequently out and about with her dog, Esmeralda. Esmeralda is a chocolate Labrador Retriever. Rumor has it that Anne Hathaway, sick of being harassed by the paparazzi while walking her dog, actually left a bag of Esmeralda’s poop on a photographer’s car!

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One of the main criteria for actresses in Hollywood is that they must be in shape, so celebrities like Jessica Biel do what they can to be active. Jessica is shown walking here with her pit bull and boxer. She can often be found out and about, usually with her dogs in tow!

How Do Dogs Detect Explosives?

We’ve all seen them before. Dogs with bulletproof vests, or with policemen in tow. Dogs that go around sniffing bags, and looking for narcotics and explosives. It’s easier to guess how dogs can locate narcotics, because they have a distinctive smell. But, how do dogs locate explosives?

A recent study by Indiana University and Purdue University Indianapolis School of Study investigated how dogs detect explosives. The results of the study found that the scent of the explosives is actually what the dogs look for. Explosives, especially those in C-4, have a distinct scent of all of the combined chemicals. When they are being trained, “Bomb-sniffing dogs” are trained to recognize the chemical compounds present in most bombs and explosives, and trained to give a specific reaction to them. This might include barking, or lying down next to the explosive.

The results of this study called traditional methods of training into question, for a couple of reasons. If the dogs are tested in training to find a fake C-4 explosive that only contains some non-harmful chemicals, it might be harder for them, because it only contains some of the scents that they are looking for. Some of the non-explosive chemicals that are given off by C-4 have the same scent of those present in everyday plastic objects, like electrical tape and PVC pipes. Therefore, the scientific team has recommended that dogs be trained with the actual explosives, not the mimic ones, in order to obtain the best results.

Pit Bulls; Bad Dogs, or Bad Owners?

Pit bulls are in the news quite often, but unfortunately, the media doesn’t usually portray the breed in a positive way. Articles, the news, and online blogs talk about people that have been injured by pit bull attacks. Apartments and certain neighborhoods specify that they allow smaller breed dogs, but not “aggressive” breeds, like pit bulls. So, are pit bulls really as aggressive as people make them out to be?

Well, if this tells you anything, I’m typing this with my laptop sitting at an awkward angle, because my “vicious” 10-year-old pit bull is sprawled across my lap, and snoring in my ear. Like any other breed of dogs, pit bulls are only “bad dogs” or aggressive, when they have bad owners who force them to act this way! Pit bulls are actually very gentle, snuggly, and playful dogs. Although they do have strong, hard heads that might hurt when bumped into your knee or hip, that’s about the extent of the injuries pit bulls with a good owner will cause. Unfortunately, not many people see it this way. Pit bulls are one of the most common dogs to find in animal shelters, because people fear their aggression. However, just like with other dog breeds, a good, patient owner will result in a well-behaved and gentle dog!