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Dog names for male puppies from Greek mythology

Dog names for male puppies from Greek mythology

Here’s a listing of dog names for male puppies. All of these names listed are related to Greek mythology. In pursuit of the perfect name, history and mythology are rich in ideas. Further, they are unusual, along with connotations and meanings for each one. I’ve decided to split them into two categories. One for Greek God names that have a positive meaning, and the other, well, not so much. Let’s start with dog names for male puppies with a meaning or definition that would be considered positively.

Ourea – Mountains.
Pontus – Sea
Nereus – wise old man of the sea
Aether – Light
Hemera – Day
Hyperion – sun-god father
Helius – sun-god
Themis – Law
Mnemosyne – Memory
Metis – Cleverness
Zeus– Father of gods and men. Male thunderstorm god.
Poseidon (Neptune) – God of the sea.
Hephaestos (Vulcan) – God of craftsmanship and skill.
Apollo – God of high culture, of light, medicine, music, flocks, and prophecy.

Next, are the dog names for male puppies with slightly more sinister connotations.

Hermes (Mercury) – Messenger of the gods, god of travel, commerce, rhetoric, herds, medicine, also a trickster, liar, and thief.
Dionysus (Bacchus) – God of wine, AND madness. Is also associated resurrection.
Chaos – Void or chasm
Nyx / Nox – Night (dark place)
Nemesis (Retribution) – who brings pain and punishment.
Erebus – Darkness
Cyclopes – Round-eyes or single-eyed beings
Cronus – Tries to swallow his own kids after being told the future, in that he would be vanquished by one of his own offspring. (father of Zeus)
Hades (Pluto) – Invisible One. God of the underworld.
Ares (Mars) – God of war. Son of Zeus and Hera and disliked by both parents.

Hopefully, this listing of dog names for male puppies in Greek mythology will spark your imagination. When you adopt a new puppy, providing lots of love, patience, and care is of the highest importance. However, the name you give your dog is significant. You’ll be saying that name for years, make sure both you and your dog like it. I’ve also created a video of this article if you would prefer listening over reading. Thanks for visiting CoCo the Blogging Dog!

Dog names for male puppies from Greek mythology video: