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What Is Toxic for Dogs

There are things thataren’t toxic for people that are otherwise toxic for dogs. Chocolate is a verynotorious dog toxin. Never allow your dog even the tiniest amount ofchocolate-EVER! This could slowly build up in the dog, no matter how longbetween episodes of giving a chocolate chip to a dog. This will build up in hisliver and hamper the liver until the dogs’ liver cannot take it anymore. Thereal answer to giving a dog any of the merest amounts of chocolate is a no-no.Giving a dog chocolate of any kind should never, ever be done for any reason.
Coffee is not fordogs either. I do not know who would think of this, but you should not give thedog any coffee for any reason. Why coffee and chocolate should not be given todogs, you may be wondering? Methylxanthines are toxic to dogs and causevomiting and diarrhea and abnormal heart rhythms and so on. Also, this mayaffect the liver and heart to even the point of death, as well. This is not awanted situation, so to protect the dog, do not let him have access tochocolate or coffee. 
Lesser known threatsto dogs are avocados, macadamia nuts, raisins and grapes. If you know of thesethings, still, it would be advisable to read on because some lesser knowninformation may be here.
Persin, a content of avocados can cause central nervous depression, vomiting and difficulty breathing in dogs. Therefore, access to avocadoes should never be given to dogs. Persin can also cause fluid accumulation around the dogs’ heart as well.
Macadamia nuts cancause depression and tremors, hypothermia and vomiting in dogs. This can becomeapparent within 12 hours after the dog consumes macadamia nuts. Symptoms canlast from 12 to 48 hours.
Another danger to your dog is yeast dough. This can rise in the dogs’ digestive system giving rise to gas. Also, there are risks to ruptures in the dogs’ intestines and digestive system due to the dough yeast and it rising also.
A lesser known problem is Xylitol, a sweetener used in gums and toothpaste and candies. Xylitol causes insulin release which can cause the liver to fail in several species of animals, including dogs. Toxicosis from Xylitol includes vomiting, lethargy and loss of coordination. This may lead to seizures and recumbancy.  What can be seen in a few days are liverenzymes that are elevated and liver failure.
Onions, garlic andchives are also not good for dogs. These can actually damage the red bloodcells in dogs. These can damage red blood cells and are not to be given inlarge quantities at all. A low dose may not do too much damage, but it isprudent to keep these off of the dogs’ diet.
Salt is best kept toa minimum to avoid salt ion poisoning in dogs. You may want to share somepotato chips with your dog, but it is best not to give any of these to your dogbecause of the possibility of your dog getting sodium ion poisoning.

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Is Your Dog Ready for Summer?

Summer is almost here and if you haven’t already done so, you should make sure your dog is ready for another season out of doors. Most pet owners spend a good deal of time outside during the Spring and Summer months, taking their pets along to share in the fun, but also exposing them to fleas, ticks, and other animals that can be carriers of rabies and other diseases.

Every dog should be permanently protected from distemper, infectious hepatitis, and leptospirosis. These vaccines are now generally combined in one single inoculation. From the age of 6 months, all dogs should also be protected from rabies. Most vaccines are effective for one year, although the latest rabies shot is good for four. They are almost 100 percent effective when administered on schedule, but worthless if exposure to risk is maintained after the protection has expired.

After your initial visit, you will normally need to take your dog to the vet only once a year to keep his immunization up to date. During this annual visit, ask him to give your dog a through examination, including checkup of his:

-teeth (removing tartar if necessary)

-anal glands (emptying them if necessary)

-nails (clipping them if necessary)

-stool (if you think he may have worms)

Females need more regular attention than males, especially if they are bred. When you wish to travel with your dog, you will be prepared for any state, federal, or international requirement if you ask your vet for a certificate of good health, and make sure that his vaccinations are in order before you leave. Normally, a sound dog needs no more veterinary attention than this. However, you may take him to the vet on other occasions due to accidents or illness.

As you get to know your dog, you will be able to distinguish between passing symptoms of no importance, chronic minor disorders, and the indications of disease and infection. Among the symptoms that warrant a visit to the vet are:

-A temperature over 102 degrees, or under 100 that lasts for more than 24 hours, or a temperature as high as 104, or as low as 99.

-Acute pain for which there is no logical explanation.

-Bloody urine

-Blood in the stool more than once

-A discharge of yellow mucus from the eyes or nose

-Persistent vomiting, coughing, or refusal to ear for more than 24 hours

-If your dog simply looks and acts really sick

A visit to the vet will at least ease your anxiety, if only because the vet can judge better than you whether or not there are allied symptoms that would indicate a more serious illness. Have a great summer!

Dog Training Career: What is Involved?

A dog training career may be just right for you, if you love working with dogs. Dogs of all ages, from puppies to older dogs, need training, and their owners often don’t know how to train them. They look for a professional dog trainer to do the job.

If you are thinking of a dog training career, you might want to start by practicing on your own dog. If you are good at training your dog, you might be good at training other people’s dogs. But if training your dog leaves you frustrated and drained, then becoming a dog trainer might not be the best career for you.

When you are training dogs, you are actually training the owners more than the dogs, so you need to be good with people to consider a dog training career. People are not at their best when they are frustrated or embarrassed by their dog’s behavior. Will you be able to deal with these distraught owners calmly, while at the same time tending to their dogs? Give this some thought.

Consider volunteering to help out at a dog training class at your local shelter. You will get a feel for what is involved in a dog training career. If you are good, the teacher may let you teach a segment of the class. This will be your trial by fire. If you do a good job, then you can move forward with your training.

You can prepare for a dog training career in several ways.

1. Attend a school specifically for those interested in a dog training career. There are many schools and seminars available. Be sure to get lots of hands on training.

2. Become an intern or apprentice to a dog trainer in your area. This way, you can learn dog training on the job.

3. Become a certified dog trainer. Do a search on the internet for dog training certification programs.

Once you have the proper education in dog training, starting your business should be easy. Decide if you want to work with individual clients in their homes or offer dog training classes. It is a good idea to offer a combination of both. By advertising your dog training classes, people who want individual help training their dogs will hear about you too. Soon your dog training career will be off to a great start.

Check around in your area for facilities where you can hold the dog training classes. Often the local humane society will have space for classes, or you could check with dog day care facilities. In warm weather, you may be able to hold your classes outdoors.

Advertise your services by leaving brochures about your training program with veterinarians, dog supply stores, and pet shelters. This way, your advertising will not cost you much.

Congratulations! You have followed the steps above and have a thriving dog training career. You love dogs and are working with them every day. For a dog lover and a natural teacher, you have found the ideal business to be in.

Free Books About Dogs – and, Everything Else!

I’m continually amazed by the Internet age. This morning I’ve been browsing at They’re scanning and uploading millions of books to the Internet. It’s free to the public, so long as you have a computer with Internet access. Here’s a book about training dogs…

I found this book by searching “training dogs” in the search box. However, you can search for any subject you would like. Besides the listing for each book, you will see a padlock sign, borrow, or a book that says “read.” You can immediately read all the books online that say “read” next to them. Just thought that was totally cool!