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Top Dog Names in Literature

Top Dog Names in Literature

Isn’t it wonderful? You’re adopting a sweet puppy! It’s an exciting time. Picking the perfect name is important. You will be saying that name for years to come. Give it some thought. Need help? Today I’ll be listing the top dog names in literature. In other words, the names of dogs found in famous literary works. That should get you started in finding the perfect name.

A few suggestions. Try to keep the name simple. One syllable, two syllables, names longer than that can be more difficult. Longer names are somewhat harder for your dog to learn. You’ll want to stay away from embarrasing or negative dog names as well. Without further ado, here’s a listing of the top dog names.

Top Dog Names in Literature:

Addison, Almondine, Argos, Baleia, Bam Bam, Baree, Blanche, Blood, Blue, Bob, Boots, Bowser, Buck, Bulls-eye, Buster, Cafall, Candy, Cerberus, Ceril, Chance, Chief, Clifford, Copper, Crab, Cujo, Dan, Dingo, Dingus, Duchess, Einstein, Eos, Fang, Fang, Fidele, Fido, Fluke, Fluffy, Fly, Garm, Garryowen, Gaspode, Ginger, Ginger Pye, Gnaish, Go Go Girl, Golly, Grizzle, Haman, Hank, Harold, Howie, Dawg, Hamlet, Georgia, Hound, Huan, Irving, Jack, Jake, Jasper, Jennie, Jerry, Jerry, Jip, Jess, Jip, John, Juno, Kashtanka, Kazak, Kazakh, Kazan, Kep, Kiche, Lad, Laddie, Lara, Laska, Lassie, Loony, Luath, Luther, Mackintosh, Madgie, Mildred, Missis, Montmorency, Mouse, Mr. Bones, Sparky, Sparkatus, Nana, Nero, O’Connor, Old Dan, Little Ann, Olive, Orson, Padfoot, Pansy, Patrsche, Pepper, Perezvon, Petula, Pickles, Piggy, Pilot, Poky, Pippin, Pongo, Preacher, Prince, Pugnax, Rab, Ralph, Randolph, Ribsy, Rontu, Rowf, Roy, Rover, Ryan, Rumbo, Sammy, Samur, Scamper, Searchlight, Sharik, Skylar, linkster, Sirius, Snitter, Snowy, Snuff, Spud, Squirrel, Star, Sweetheart, Bob, Gypsy, Pirate, Stumpy, Timothy Gyp, Tipkins, Thor, Thunderbolt, Tiger, Timoleon Vieta, Timothy, Timmy, Tim, Titla, Toby, Top, Toto, Tock, Trez√≥rka, Trey, Tricki Woo, Trump, Tulip, Ugolina, Valetka, What-a-Mess, White Fang, Vinnie, Weenie, Wiggins, Winn-Dixie, Yellow Dog Dingo, Zelda Van Gutters, and Zhucka.

This listing of top dog names, (at least in the literary world), will help you to brainstorm. With enough suggestions, you’ll soon enough find one that fits your puppies personality. Your puppy will be your best friend for years to come. Make sure to spend a little extra time in finding that perfect name!

Below is a video I’ve made on the top dog names in literature. It’s exactly the same as the text above, in case you would rather kick back and hear the names read out loud.