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Female dogs names and meanings

Female dogs names and meanings

Looking for that special name for your girl puppy? Below is a listing of 10 female dogs names, along with meanings. These names are not common but are definitely worth considering!

1. Dinky
Meaning: Small. Cute name for a little girl dog.
I love this name. Dinky would be so cute for a small dog.

2. Pixie
Meaning: Playful, fairy like
This is a another good name for a little playful dog.

3. Muse
Meaning: Source of inspiration. To medidate, ponder. Daughter of Zeus.
Muse is one of the more feminine, and imaginative of the female dogs names. It’s actually one of my personal favorites, and would be a highly unique name for your puppy.

4. Grace
Meaning: Effortless beauty or charm
This was the name of my well-loved dog that I had while growing up. She was a black labrador and had the sweetest, kindest disposition I’ve ever seen. She has passed away many years ago, yet I still think of her quite often.

5. Happy
Meaning: delighted, pleased
This is a fun dog name. Would be perfect for a happy go lucky, tail wagging, playful little girl.

6. Inky
Meaning: Ink, blot, dark in color.
Of the female dogs names, Inky would be just perfect for a small black dog. It’s easy to imagine a scruffy dark colored toy poodle with such a cute little name!

7. Juno
Meaning: Roman Goddess: protector of women.
I’ve never met a dog named Juno. However, wouldn’t this be the perfect name for your watch dog? And, especially if you are a woman.

8. Karma
Meaning: Fate
Be good, Karma!

9. Lyric
Meaning: Words to the music
This dog name is like music to my ears. Come, Lyric. Sit, Lyric. Good girl, Lyric!

10. Twinkle
Meaning: Twinkle, twinkle little star…
Twinkle is a sweet name. It’s like a star, but can be considered mischievous.

Hopefully, you’ve found a few potential female dogs names in this listing. Try to find a name for your dog that matches up with her physical characteristics and personality. Good luck!

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