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Girl Dogs Names with Biblical Origin

Girl Dogs Names with Biblical Origin

This article offers suggestions of girl dogs names of biblical origin. A small percentage of readers may consider this somewhat heretical. To clarify, this is not the spirit of my intention. The Bible is a rich resource for uncovering unusual names, as you will see.

Girl Dogs Names (A-G)
Abigail, Abihail, Abishag, Abital, Achsah, Adah, Adah, Ahinoam, Ahlai, Aholibamah, Anah, Anna, Asenath, Atarah, Athaliah, Azubah, Basemeth, Bathsheba, Bilhah, Bithiah, Cozbi, Deborah, Delilah, Dinah, Dorcas, Elisabeth, Elisheba, Ephah, Ephrath, Esther, Eunice, Eve, Gomer.

Girl Dogs Names (H-L)
Hagar, Haggith, Hammolekheth, Hamutal, Hannah, Hazelelponi, Helah, Hephzibah, Hodesh, Hodiah, Hogla, Huldah, Hushim, Jael, Jecholiah, Jedidah, Jehoaddan, Jehodijah, Jemima, Jerioth, Jerusha, Jezebel, Joanna, Jochebed, Judith, Junia, Keturah, Keziah, Leah, Lilith, Lois, Lydia.

Girl Dogs Names (M-Z)
Mahalath, Mahalath, Mahlah, Martha, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Matred, Mehetabel, Merab, Michal, Miriam, Naamah, Naomi, Phoebe, Priscilla, Rachel, Rahab, Rebekah, Rhoda, Ruth, Sarah, Sheerah, Serach, Salome, Sapphira, Tamar, Tabitha, Vashti, Zeruiah, Zilpah, Zipporah.

If you’re looking for a special name, try reading the Bible for inspiration. As has become the custom for these dog name articles, I’ve included a video for you as well.

Girl dogs names of biblical origin video:

Female dogs names and meanings

Female dogs names and meanings

Looking for that special name for your girl puppy? Below is a listing of 10 female dogs names, along with meanings. These names are not common but are definitely worth considering!

1. Dinky
Meaning: Small. Cute name for a little girl dog.
I love this name. Dinky would be so cute for a small dog.

2. Pixie
Meaning: Playful, fairy like
This is a another good name for a little playful dog.

3. Muse
Meaning: Source of inspiration. To medidate, ponder. Daughter of Zeus.
Muse is one of the more feminine, and imaginative of the female dogs names. It’s actually one of my personal favorites, and would be a highly unique name for your puppy.

4. Grace
Meaning: Effortless beauty or charm
This was the name of my well-loved dog that I had while growing up. She was a black labrador and had the sweetest, kindest disposition I’ve ever seen. She has passed away many years ago, yet I still think of her quite often.

5. Happy
Meaning: delighted, pleased
This is a fun dog name. Would be perfect for a happy go lucky, tail wagging, playful little girl.

6. Inky
Meaning: Ink, blot, dark in color.
Of the female dogs names, Inky would be just perfect for a small black dog. It’s easy to imagine a scruffy dark colored toy poodle with such a cute little name!

7. Juno
Meaning: Roman Goddess: protector of women.
I’ve never met a dog named Juno. However, wouldn’t this be the perfect name for your watch dog? And, especially if you are a woman.

8. Karma
Meaning: Fate
Be good, Karma!

9. Lyric
Meaning: Words to the music
This dog name is like music to my ears. Come, Lyric. Sit, Lyric. Good girl, Lyric!

10. Twinkle
Meaning: Twinkle, twinkle little star…
Twinkle is a sweet name. It’s like a star, but can be considered mischievous.

Hopefully, you’ve found a few potential female dogs names in this listing. Try to find a name for your dog that matches up with her physical characteristics and personality. Good luck!

Female dogs names and meanings videos:

Names For Female Dogs

Names For Female Dogs

Choosing the perfect name for your new puppy is really important. It’s worth taking the time, and applying careful consideration. If you’re trying to think of a great name for your girl puppy, you’re in luck. This article should give you many ideas for names for female dogs. Let’s start off with the most popular names for female dogs. The top 20 include Molly, Bella, Lucy, Maggie, Daisy, Sadie, Chloe, Sophie, Bailey, Zoe, Lola, Abby, Ginger, Roxy, Gracie, Coco, Sasha, Angel, Lily, and Princess.

Of course, these are just a few ideas. For names for female dogs that are small. You might consider Bambi, Bugsy, Butterball, Bonita, Berry, Chiquita, Button, Cuddles, Doodle, Elita, Gumball, Junior, Crouton, Kewpie, Laptop, Munchkin, Nibbles, Nipper, Posy, Peanut, Pebble, Peewee, Puddles, Putt-Putt, Squeaky, Squirt, Topsy, Tinkerbell, and Zita. For names for female dogs that are large, you might try Big Shot, Boomer, Beefy, Barbarian, Bruno, Grizzly, Godzilla, Giant, Hercules, Hulk, Jaws, Kahuna, Kong, Moose, Monster, Wookie, Whoppa, and Yukon. I know, some of those are a bit manly, but, at least they do sound big.

You’re only limited by your creativity. What about naming your puppy after a Greek Goddess? Names for female dogs (inspired by Greek Goddesses) include Aceso, Achelois, Achlys, Adicia, Adrastea, Aedos, Aega, Aegle, Aergia, Aesa, Aetae, Aetna, Agdistis, Aglaia, Alala, Alcmene, Alcyone, Alectrona, Alethia, Algea, Alphito, Amphictyonis, Amphitrite, Anaitis, Ananke, Anchiale, Angitia, Antheia, Apate, Aphrodite, Arae, Arce, Arete, Artemis, Astarte, Asteria, Astraea, Ate, Auxesia, Athena, Bolbe, Brimo, Britomartis, Brizo, Caligo, Callipygos, Calypso, Carya, Castalia, Celaeno, Cer, Ceto, Aglaia, Euphrosyne, Thalia, Chloe, Chloris, Circe, Cotys, Cybele, Cynthia, Cytherea, Damia, Demeter, Dendritus, Derceto, Despina, Dike, Dione, Doris, Dysnomia, Ececheira, Efreisone, Eileithyia, Eireisone, Electryone, Eleos, Elpis, Enodia, Enyo, EosI, Epione, Erida, Tisiphone, Megara, Alecto, Eris, Ersa, Eucleia, Eumenides, Eunomia, Eunostos, EurynomeIn, Euryphaessa, Eutychia, Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos, Gaia, Galene, Gamelia, Hera, Ganymeda, Genetyllides, Geras, Deino, Enyo, Pemphredo, Halia, Halsodyne, Harmonia, Hebe, Hecate, Hedone, Hegemone, Heimarmene, Helia, Hemera, Hera, Hestia, Hesychia, Hilaeira, Himalia, Horae, Eunomia, Dike, Eirene, Horme, Hosia, Hygeia, Iambe, Iaso, Ilythia, Invidia, Iris, Isis, Kale, Kakia, Klotes, Kolias, Komodia, Kore, Krateis, Kypris, Lactura, Lampetia, Leto, Leucothea, Lina, Litai, Lyssa, Maera, Maia, Malophorus, Meiboia, Meilichia, Melinoe, Melobosis, Melissa, Metis, Mida, Mnemosyne, Moirai, Molpadia, Euterpe, Thalia, Melpomene, Terpsichore, Urania, Clio, Polyhymnia, Calliope, Neaera, Nemea, Nemesis, Nike, Nyx, Odyne, Oizys, Ophthalmitis, Oreilochia, Ossa, Otrera, Pallas, Panaceia, Panachaea, Panatis, Pandia, Pandrosos, Paregoros, Parthenos, Pasiphae, Peitho, Penia, Pepromene, Perse, Persephone, Phemonoe, Philia, Philote, Philyra, Phoebe, Physis, Phytia, Pleiades, Poene, Polias, Potnia, Praxidice, Prosymna, Protogenia, Psyche, Ptocheia, Pyrrha, Rhea, Rumor, Salmaone, Selene, Semnai, Sophrosyne, Soteira, Styx, Tabliope, Techne, Telete, Tethys, Thalassa, Thaleia, Theia, Themis, Thetis, Thoosa, Thyone, and Tyche.

That ought to give you many ideas for names for female dogs! I wish you the best in finding that perfect name. Rescuing a puppy from an animal shelter is a happy experience, and you can look forward to years of love and companionship. Thanks for visiting!

Names For Female Dogs Video:

Male Dogs Names

Male Dogs Names

With the joys of adopting a puppy, comes the excitement of picking the perfect name. If your bringing a male puppy into the household, you’ve stumbled onto the right article. There are many choices for male dogs names, and we will be listing quite a few. Before making a firm decision, spend at least a day or two with your new puppy. That way, you can get to know his character traits and mannerisms before you commit to any certain name.

To start with, let’s go over some of the most popular names. A few of these male dogs names that reflect physical characteristics are Bear, Coco, Shadow, Rusty, Smokey, Blue, and Oreo. How about an extra cute name? Something like Buster, Lucky, Spike, Diesel, Chester, Bubba, Peanut, Brutus, Snoops, Rascal, Scooter, Simba, Bosco, Roscoe, Moose, Guinness, Snoopy, Prince, and Taz.

Were you thinking of a human type name? Consider male dogs names such as Max, Buddy, Charlie, Jake, Rocky, Cody, Jack, Toby, Sam, Duke, Harley, Casey, Murphy, Sammy, Bruno, Boomer, Maximus, Luke, Mickey, Romeo, Henry, Cosmo, Leo, Rex, Otis, Tyson, Jasper, Pepper, Spencer, Sebastian, Jocko, Simon, Chance, George, Sampson, Scout, Maxwell, Rufus, Elvis, Barney, Chico, Bo, Kobe, Ben, Brady, Chase, Dexter, and Harry.

Ever thought of looking for male dogs names in Greek mythology? What about Achilles, Adrastos, Ajax, Argus, Ares, Arion, Apollo, Cadmus, Damon, Eros, Hector, Hercules, Homer, Ira, Kadmos, Khronos, Linus, Nerio, Orion, Pluto, Zephyr, and Zeus. If you have a extra large breed puppy, fitting male dogs names may include Hercules, Conan, Hulk, Hippo, and Dragon. Names for smaller breeds may include Speck, Elf, Midget, Bit, and Hobbit.

Choosing male dogs names isn’t always easy, but it is a lot of fun! Once you have the perfect name, it’s a great feeling. While there’s no right or wrong way to choose a name, it’s best to think of a “special” name, one that is individualized to your dog’s personality and your own preference. Make a list of male dogs names. Narrow down the choices, and pick a name that is a good fit. Good luck!

I have this entire article on video: Male Dogs Names

Top Dog Names in Video Games

Top Dog Names in Video Games

Are you addicted to video games? Have you ever considered naming your dog after a canine character in a video game? Well, I’m here to help. Seriously. No, I’m not here to talk you out of it. I want to help you pick the right name. Need suggestions? The following is a listing of the top dog names in video games. It’s worth spending the time to figure out the best name. Keep in mind, the game is temporary. You’ll probably be bored with it in no time. However, your commitment to your dog needs to last a lifetime. So, choose wisely! Without further ado, here are the top dog names for gamers with dogs.

Top Dog Names in Video Games:

Chomp Chomp, Dogz, Dribble, Manager Joe, Ken the Reporter, Poppy, Papa, Pipi, Pipa, Angelo, Boney, King, Do, Duffer, Flippy, Interceptor, Shadow, Leon, K. K. Slider, Nintendogs, iPet Dogs, Parappa the Rapper, Peter Puppy, Absol, Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Growlithe, Arcanine, Snubbull, Granbull, Houndour, Houndoom, Poochyena, Mightyena, Riolu, Lucario, Yooterii, Haidera, Muurando, Poochy, Puppy Luv, Rush, Turbo, Tiger, Baku, Salamon, Dogmon, Gaomon, Hewie, Lupus, Hajime, Mick, Shinobu, Kakeru, Nene, Bill Grey, General Pepper, Fay, Captain Shears, Missile, Jake, Wonder Dog, Muggshott, Brown, Dogmeat, Quarm, K-9, Pariah Dog, Koromaru, Dog, Mira, and Yamato.

What are your favorite top dog names? My personal favorites are Chomp Chomp from Pacman, Dribble from Wario Ware, Boney from Mother 3, Poochy from Super Mario World 2, and Dogmeat from Fallout. These are just some of the most famous, top dog names in the gaming industry. If you would like to watch this, rather than read, watch the Top Dog Names in Video Games below. Thanks for visiting CoCo the Blogging Dog!

Top Dog Names in Video Games:

Unique Dog Names in Comic Strips

Unique Dog Names in Comic Strips

Do you enjoy comic strips? If so, you may be inspired to name your dog after one. There’s really no compelling reason not to. Of course, it’s important that the name is fitting. You’ll want your dogs new name to match up with your dogs physical characteristics, and mannerisms. It’s also important to avoid anything embarrassing, that might make you feel uncomfortable when calling your dog in public. If you’re interested in naming your dog after a canine comic strip character, read on. In this article, you’ll get creative ideas for unique dog names. Here’s a listing of over 100 unique dog names in comic strips to get the creative juices flowing.

Unique Dog Names in Comic Strips:

Bandit, 64, Ace, The Angriest Dog in the World, Andy, Argo the superdog, Attila, Barfy, Barnabas, Beaumont, Beauregard, Belle, Blu, Black Bob, Boomer, Böwser vön Überdog, Brutus, Buckles, Cagney, Chad, Cosmo the Spacedog, Cudlow, Daisy, Dinobite, Dog, Hotdog, Dogbert, Idefix, Dogmatix, Droolia, Duke, Earl, Effdee, Fergus, Fred Basset, Gin, Glu, Guard, Dog, Gnasher, Gnipper, Grimm, Gus, Howard Huge, Hudson, Jess, Sergeant Kemlo, Kreeg, Krypto, Lockjaw, Manfred, Marbles, Marmaduke, Molly, Monicao, Morty the Dog, Napoleon, Odie, Olaf, Otto, Poncho, Ponta, Poo Poo, Pup Dog Chile, Rex the Wonder Dog, Rocket, Roscoe, Rufferto, Rosebud, Rover, Sam, Sandy, Satchel Pooch, Snert, Snoopy, Snowy, Space Canine Patrol Agents, Spike, Thor the Thunder Dog, Tige, Waldo, Woofie, and Yankee Poodle.

You can find some of the most unique dog names in comic strips, film, television, music, animation, and video games. If you’re still undecided about what to name your dog, make sure you read some of my other articles on unique dog names. I’ve also created the Unique Dog Names in Comic Strips video below in case you want to watch this later.

Thank you for visiting!

Unique Dog Names in Comic Strips: