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Most Popular Dog Names in Songs

Most Popular Dog Names in Songs

Dogs are a part of our life. Not surprisingly, many have been featured in songs. If you’re trying to find that perfect name for your dog, look no further. We’ll be discussing the most popular dog names in songs. That’s right, the names of dogs that have inspired us to sing about them! This list of the most popular dog names is varied. Some of them are happy, and some extremely sad. Some of these may bring up happy childhood memories, while others you may have never heard of.

Let’s start with the heart wrenching “Old Shep” by Red Foley. This song was sung by Elvis Presley, along with many country western singers. This is a song, but a story as well. Of a boy growing up with his dog, and happy times together. However, “Old Shep” became old and was suffering. The veterinarian said there was nothing else he could do. The boy, who had grown up the dog, decided to put “Old Shep” out of his misery. An excerpt from the song,

“With a hand that was trembling I picked up my gun
I aimed it at Shep’s faithful head
I just couldn’t do it I wanted to run
And I wished they’d shoot me instead

I went to his side and I sat on the ground
He laid his head on my knees
I stroke the best pal that a man ever found
I cried so I scaresly could see…”

I’m probably way too emotional, but, truly, I can never finish hearing this song without balling my eyes out. Next, on the most popular dog names in songs lets go for something happier. What about that obnoxious, but cheerful spelling song you probably sang when you were a kid? Bingo. Do you remember?

“There was a farmer who had a dog,
And Bingo was his name-o.
And Bingo was his name-o.”

Repeat it, over and over and over. I love this song. The only complaint I have is that it’s nearly impossible to get out of your head once you get going! There are many, many more. Here’s a list of the most popular dog names.

Most Popular Dog Names in Songs:

“Me and My Arrow” by Harry Nilsson
“Atomic Dog” by George Clinton
“Black Shuck” by The Darkness
“Bow Wow Wow Wow (Wild Dog on the Prowl)” sung by Mitch Ryder
“Dog Eat Dog”, songs by AC/DC
“Hound Dog” by Elvis Presley
“Feed Jake” by Pirates of the Mississippi
“(How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window?”, by Bob Merrill, 1953, recorded by Patti Page
“I Love My Dog”, by Cat Stevens
“Martha My Dear” by the Beatles (Paul McCartney’s sheepdog)
“Me and You and a Dog Named Boo”, 1971, songs by LOBO or Roland Kent Lavoie
“Old King” by Neil Young
“Quiche Lorraine” – a two-inch tall green poodle, song by “The B-52’s” from the album Wild Planet
“Sick as a Dog” by Aerosmith
“Sinatra” the dog named after the singer for its blue eyes in the song “Sinatra” by James Keelaghan
The dog who “up and died” in “Mr. Bojangles”, written by Jerry Jeff Walker
“Where, O Where Has My Little Dog Gone?”, with his ears cut short and his tail cut long
“Get Down” by Gilbert O’Sullivan (about a dog that won’t get off the couch)
“Frank” by C. W. Mccal
“Stinkfoot” Frank Zappa song
“The Puppy song” by Harry Nilsson
“Who Let the Dogs Out?” by the Baja Men
“Ol’ Red” by Blake Shelton

In my most popular dog names list, “Hound Dog” by Elvis Presley is another personal favorite. Elvis passed away in 1977, yet his songs live on. I remember as a child, my best friend and I would turn up “Hound Dog” to the absolute highest volume, and dance like we were crazy!

You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog
cryin’ all the time.
You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog
cryin’ all the time.
Well, you ain’t never caught a rabbit
and you ain’t no friend of mine.

Hopefully, you’ve been inspired with a few musical ideas on what to name your dog. I’ve included this Most Popular Dog Names in Songs article with text in the video below, in case you would prefer to listen. Thanks for visiting!

Most Popular Dog Names in Songs:

Popular Dog Names in Television

Popular Dog Names in Television

This week we’re on a roll. The last few days we have been discussing popular dog names in literary works and film. Today, it’s all about popular dog names in television. So, if you haven’t named your puppy yet, this is a great place to be. Would you like to name your puppy after a TV star?

Here are a few of my personal favorites:

* Buck, from Married with Children
* Bob the Dog, from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood
* K-9, a ‘”caninoid” robot in Doctor Who
* Tricki Woo, in All Creatures Great and Small
* Maximillian, from The Bionic Woman

Here’s an expanded list of popular dog names for canine television stars of the last several decades. Hopefully, you’ll find at least one perfect name for your furry little celebrity!

Popular Dog Names in Television:

Akamaru, Alistair, Anubis Cruger, Arnold, Backup, Black Tooth, Blacktoe, Blue, Bob, Bob the Dog, Boomer, Brandon, Buck, Lucky, Buddy, Bullet, Buster, Captain Whiskers, Celine, Chacha, Charlie, Chester, Claude, Cleo, Colin, Comet, Cynthia, Dagget, Dick Hunter, Diefenbaker, Digger, Digby, Doc, Dreyfus, Duke, Dukey, Eddie, Fang, Feebie, Flash, Fred, Freeway, Gromit, Gus, Happy, Henry, Hobo, Holden, Inspector Rex, Ivanna, Jack, Jake, Jimi, Jimmy, Jeb, Joe, K-9, Kiwi, Krypto the Superdog, Laddie, Larry the barking dog, Lassie, Liquidator, Lojack, McGruff the Crime dog, Maximillian, Martha, Mignon, Houndour, Houndoom, Mr. Mittens, Mr. Muggles, Murray, Odie, Old Pap, Oscar, Pal, Peanut Butter, Paul Anka, Poochini, Porthos, Reckless, Queequeg, Robotic Interactive Canine assistant, Roly, Rodney, Roosevelt, Rowdy, Schotzie, Scruffy, Sedge, Seabreeze, Serena, Seymour, Shelby, Krypto, Skits, Smiley, Snoop Dog, Spike, Spot, Scott, Squeakers, Stinky, Nunzio, Sugar, Taco Bell chihuahua, Tet, Tiger, Tramp, Tricki Woo, Turbo Dogs, Vincent, Webster, Wellard, White Fang, Willy, Wishbone, Yukon King, Zeus, and Apollo.

This list of popular dog names may be helpful in finding the right name for Poochini, Smiley, Odie, Fang, Lassie…Below, I’ve created a video of the Popular Dog Names in Television. It’s a copy of the text in this article, in case you would like to hear the names out loud. Thanks for visiting!

Popular Dog Names in Television:

Dog names : Most popular in 2007

Ever wonder what the most popular dog names are? According to Petfinder they researched the 10 most popular names in 2007. The winners are Buddy, Max, Sadie, Jack, Daisy, Lucy, Lady, Charlie, Rocky, and Duke. There has to be some kind of mistake! Everyone knows CoCo is the best name!! I am convinced this must be a conspiracy againt me. Who would call there dog sadie? They would probably get teased at the dog park for such an idiotic name.

But wait there’s more, it gets worse. There is another site called pet-net, that claims to know the 20 most common dog names. For boy dogs they have Max, Jake, Buddy, Bailey, Sam, Rocky, Buster, Casey, Cody, Duke, Charlie, Jack, Harley, Rusty, Toby, Murphy, Shelby, Sparky, Barney, and Winston. For girl dogs they have Maggie, Molly, Lady, Sadie, Lucy, Daisy, Ginger, Abby, Sasha, Sandy, Dakota, Katie, Annie, Chelsea, Princess, Missy, Sophie, Bo, Tasha, and Coco!

Did you catch that? They are saying CoCo is a name for girl dogs! I am so insulted. I am not a girl dog!! I am foaming at the mouth mad right now!!! Grrr…