Free Dog Food Samples and Coupons

Dog food can sometimes be expensive and if you’re trying out a new food, you may risk ending with a whole bag of new food your dog doesn’t like. Fortunately, there are still many companies out there who are willing to give out small free small samples so your dog can tell you if he likes it, and if he doesn’t, you won’t be ending up with a whole bag of unwanted food. There are also many companies offering dog food coupons so that they you can help you save some money off of your favorite dog food brands.

Latest Freebies and Coupons:

Added 02/16/2014Timberwolf Organics offers a line of dog food that mimics the natural diet of wild canines. By filling out their form you can request a free sample as long as there are retailers or vets who carry their line of products nearby you.

Added 02/16/2014Pet Chef is offering free samples of their AAFCO certified dog food to those within their delivery area in the Greater Nashville area.

Added 02/16/2014 – The Pet Pantry offers a line of different formulas for dogs with different activity levels and in different life stages. If you’re within their North Carolina delivery area, you can get a free sample of their 100 percent natural food by simply filling up their “request a sample” form.

Added 02/16/2014 – The K9 Cuisine website offers free samples (limited to one sample  per formula and subject to regular shipping charges) so that you don’t have to commit to purchasing a whole big bag.

Added 02/16/2014Life’s Abundance offers “almost free” samples of their line of large breed puppy food, small medium breed puppy food, all life stage food and weight loss formula. Many sample packs include bonus treats or health bars.

Added 02/16/2014 – Now is the time to give Rover a chance to try out Rachel Ray’s new line of nutritious dog and cat food.  Simply select the type of Nutrish food you’ll like to get a coupon for, fill out the form and you’ll soon be on your way to substantial savings.

Added 02/16/2014 – If your dog is on a Hill’s prescription diet, you may be hoping for some savings. Hill’s Pet is offering many coupons for Hill’s Prescription Diet and their Science Diet foods.

Added 02/16/2014Nature’s Variety offers a line of products inspired by raw food. By completing their online form, you’ll receive a coupon through e-mail so you can head to your closest distributor and try it right away.

Added 02/16/2014 – A variety of Purina printable coupons are available for wet and dry dog food on the Purina website. There is something even for kitty!

Added 02/16/2014 – You can give Blue Buffalo dog food a try by filling up their form and receiving their $5.00 coupon in the mail. Additional savings on cans and treats will be included.

Added 02/16/2014Wellness is limiting one $5 coupon per person valid for choice of free dry dog food or dry cat food if you fill out their short questionnaire.

Added 02/16/2014 – Puppy owners wanted! Signing up for the Eukanuba newsletter will keep you informed while rewarding you with substantial savings, courtesy of the Eukanuba $8 trial coupon good towards any Eukanuba dog food.

Where to get Free Dog Food Samples

You can get free dog food samples by these avenues that I will list out for you. You can start at your vets place to see if the vet has dog food samples or coupons to get free dog food samples. Start there on your journey to free dog food samples.

Ask the vet if he has samples or if he knows of local places to get free dog food samples. He may know of a resource, local or online to get these samples. You cannot know what your vet knows until you have asked for his advice on this.

Check online at dog related sites and freebie sites to look for dog food samples and coupons. Sometimes a dog related site will have an offer or so for dog food samples. Try not to go to the CPA ads as they tend to have you fill out surveys and then the samples may not come. Rather, look for samples where the only form you fill is an address and possibly a Captcha for your sample.

Look on Craigslist and Freecycle, whichever is available for free dog food of any sort to get your dog food when you do start out with a new dog. This way you can get a head start on your dog food needs. These 2 places are known places to get free dog food on occasion.

Watch the free classifieds on newspapers and community/neighborhood free papers for this as well. Sometimes local community handout papers have a free section for you to scan and get various goods, free dog food being one of the many free things on these newspapers. Check for Saturday/Sunday inserts, depending when your newspaper makes the inserts and sometimes free dog food sample mail-ins or store redemption can occur there. Check these and if there is one, take advantage of this.

Other times, just email the dog food companies, like Pedigree, and ask if there are any samples available for dog food products. Sometimes they will send you a coupon for a free dog food sample. Also, call them up. Sometimes a phone call to these companies also can work.

Ask at pet stores when you checkout or go to customer service and inquire if there are dog food samples. Sometimes stores have samples out to be able to give you. Also, in the store, check the dog food packaging for peelies and coupons for a sample of dog food.

Check free stuff sites and free stuff forums as well. Free stuff forums are very up to date with freebies. Use the forum search function to look for dog
food freebies. There are times when this will appear in a recent post and you can secure a dog food freebie. It pays to look all over and ask friends.

(Older) Free Dog Food Samples and Coupons

Timberwolf Natural Pet Food for dogs and cats. Get a free dog food sample! They send an email immediately after request for a 4 lb bag of food.

Get a free bag of Ideal balance Science Diet dog food with this rebate. They will send you back up to $12.99. Dog food must be purchased by 12/31. Get the rebate form HERE.

Get a free 4 lb bag of By Nature Organic Dry Dog Food OR a 3 lb bag of By Nature Organic Dry Cat Food. This is a rebate check. You “like” Nature Pet Foods on Facebook and complete the form. Then download your free bag rebate form. To get refunded send them back the rebate form, UPC bar code, and receipt. You can find this offer on Facebook HERE.

Free Dog Food Samples and Coupons by Request

This is a post with a long list of pet food manufacturers. You can request dog food samples and coupons. All sites are current as of today.

Free Sample of Nibbles dog treats.

Free Alpo dog food. “Like” the Facebook page to join the “Real Dogs of America” and get free food!

FREE bag of Innova dry dog or cat food sponsored by Petsmart

Free Birkdale Pet Mix – You add this dog food mix to meat at home. With this offer, you do have to pay for shipping (but the food itself is free). It’s made by BirkDale Medicinals – and, it’s said to be highly nutritious.

Free Dog Treats – Sample Pegetables chew treats!

Free Iams cat food coupon from Proctor and Gamble for signing up for their newsletter.

Free veterinary exam for your dog at Petsmart.

Get a free sample of Nutrish dog food.

Free samples from Sweet Pea Farm Animal Sanctuary for signing up to get the free newsletter.

Get 2 free cans of Halo Spot Stew for signing up for the free Halo newsletter.

Get a free sample of All Natural Bully Sticks. They will give out 150 for free every month, first come first served.

Nutro is offering $10 off any dog food and treats they’re offering. To get the $10 off, all you need to do is sign up for free to the Nutro Rewards Program.

Nature’s Variety will give you a $3 off coupon on Instinct Raw, grain-free Instinct Kibble, or wholesome Prairie Kibble; and with any purchase get a free coupon for SweetSpots, the natural frozen ice cream treats for dogs.

$10 off coupon certificate at k9 cuisine. If you sign up to receive free e-mails from them, they will take $10 off your next order. This company sells healthy, high quality dog food.

$5 dollar off coupon from Blue Buffalo dog food. All you need to do is compare your regular dog food with Blue.

Get a free sample of Canine Caviar. This particular offer does require a printer, as you print out a coupon to be redeemed at a local pet store. When filling out the form, you must use the “search locator” on the site to tell them which pet store you’ll be using the coupon certificate at.

Get a free sample of Natural Nutrition cat food mailed directly to you.

Free Wellness dog food sample – send email to a friend (or to yourself) and claim samples of dog and cat food.

Get a free dog toy from PAWS for subscribing to their newsletter.

Free sample of Pet ‘n Shape dog treats with 100% natural ingredients.

Free Sample of Natural Nibbles – You can get a free sample of Natural Nibbles upon request. Looking at the ingredients, this product appears really healthy for your dog. They have beef liver (with Glucosamine and Chondroitin), chicken liver, salmon treats, and 100% beef liver.

Free Kitty Litter: It’s for a 7 or 8 lb. bag for The World’s Best Cat Litter. On the downside, it’s a rebate and you will need a printer. If you purchase a bag of this kitty litter between 12/11/2010 – 02/09/2011 send in the receipt before 03/11/2011, and they will reimburse you! If you’re going to be buying cat litter anyway, why not?

Purina One Dog Food: Get a free sample of dog food from Target. I requested mine and it says I’ll be receiving it in the mail within 4-6 weeks. “Discover the science in nature’s ingredients. Purina ONE Smartblend formulas deliver concentrated nutrition to promote whole body health. Make the most of everyday moments through smart nutrition. Btw, you can request free cat food as well.

Natura Advantage: On the manufacturers site it says, “Save on Natura’s natural pet foods – HealthWise, Innova, EVO, Karma and California Natural – including the new California Natural Grain Free formulas!” I requested my coupon, and they actually sent a coupon via snail mail for a FREE bag of dog food. It’s for a 5 to 6.6 lb bag of Healthwise, Innova, California Natural, or Evo. It doesn’t require purchase of anything else. There was no shipping or handling, or any other charges. They’re not specific as to when this offer will end, it just says as long as “supplies last.”

Win Year’s Supply of Nutro Dog Food: On the Nutro manufacturers website, they are offering a contest to win a year’s supply of dog or cat food. In addition, they have printable coupons for dog food and treats.

Flint River Ranch Dog Food Sample: Free high quality dog food.

Instructions for Flint River Ranch Dog Food Sample below:

1. Add quantity of dog/cat food samples and click “add to cart”

2. Next screen shows order, click “checkout”

3. Next screen asks to fill in email/password – bypass this by clicking “continue to checkout”

4. Next screen shows credit card/mailing address – sample is free, so, don’t fill out any credit card information, just the address to ship to.

5. Next screen is order verification, click “submit order”

6. You’ll get an email confirmation saying the price was 0.00 and samples will be shipped.

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